People are so stupid, they would rather give their guessed opinions than answer your question. Yes it is legal to receive cannabis in any state according to 1996 compassionate act of California and the us constitution article 4 section 1. Cannasense is willing to provide it’s members with an attorney in case of any legal issues. A business would not guarantee a service if they couldn’t provide it because they would otherwise be sued.
Now if you get caught doing something other than using your product privately, you could face the law.

Given that in many states cannabis, recreational or medical, is illegal, they can claim whatever they like. It won’t change anything. Even in states with legalization to some extent, it is still illegal on a federal level, just somewhat tolerated. If even the state isn’t willing to legalize or hasn’t yet, then of course it isn’t legal, in any way. Doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be, but that’s how it is for now. Anyone saying they can provide cannabis in an area where it is illegal, whether it be the US, UK, or anywhere else, legally or otherwise, is generally either a scammer or deluded.

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